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Looking For Successful, Sustainable, Solutions That Really Work?

Welcome to MindCoach International

MindCoach International offers Sales Training, Executive & Personal Coaching and Fear & Phobia Solutions. All MindCoach services are either wholly based on NLP Read More or combine NLP with first hand experience in the sales and corporate sector.

MindCoach Sales Training

MindCoach Sales Training gives you a complete, practical sales package that can be used immediately. You will learn new skills, develop existing ones and be given a set of powerful tools that will enhance your overall communication on all levels.

No matter what sector you cover, financial, retail, marketing or b2b, you will learn to be more effective. Results will be measurable by increased volumes of sales with existing clients as well as a greater ability to generate new business. You will be rewarded by more client referrals, which will develop a sustainable cycle of sales. This approach is not only very satisfying, but will make your success sustainable.

MindCoach Sales Training will leave you feeling focussed and persuasive. You will be able to develop a plan of action that makes the most of every opportunity and makes every presentation or sales call count.

MindCoach Coaching

MindCoach Executive Coaching solutions are completely personalised, one-to-one coaching programmes, designed to suit individual needs. Popular issues include team-motivation, communicating with confidence at all levels, becoming an outstanding & inspirational leader, being more pro-active, developing strategic thinking, improving sales performance (link), improving networking, developing political savvy and taking your business to the next level.

MindCoach Personal Coaching is completely geared to the individual and aims to produce life-changing results over a wide range of personal issues. These include, communication skills, personal relationships, career development, transitions in your private life, sporting performance and learning new skills.

MindCoach Fears & Phobia Solutions

Fears & Phobias can have a real impact on your quality of life and stop you accomplishing things that would normally be achievable. MindCoach Fears & Phobia Solutions incorporate powerful NLP techniques that are designed to deliver fast, effective and long-lasting solutions to your fears and phobias that have restricted you in the past.

MindCoach International

We Give You The Skills To Succeed