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The MindCoach Approach

MindCoach International is an exceptional company with a compelling proposition. Founder and principal coach Eddie Boyle has actually earned his living from sales in high- profile, pressurised positions. He understands the dynamics of the sales environment and what it really takes to convert an enquiry into a sale and to make an impact in sales. He also understands the challenges of operating in a hierarchical corporate environment dealing with multiple stakeholders and the company culture.

Eddie has particular expertise in developing people to help them reach their full potential. He is a Master Practitioner NLP and also holds a Diploma in Performance Coaching.

MindCoach International services are informed by a unique and special ingredient that is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). We combine the knowledge, insight and tenacity acquired from real life experience with powerful and effective NLP techniques. It is this potent combination that ensures our Sales Training, Executive & Personal Coaching and Fears & Phobia Solutions are both successful and sustainable.

NLP is a way to understand how we think, influence and change. The main benefit of NLP is not that you can remember particular techniques, although these are highly beneficial, but that through NLP you can move towards the goals that are important to you in life. NLP can help you to unlock skills that you may already have but that are not fully developed. It can also help you to communicate, connect with and influence others – all essential skills in all walks of life.

NLP has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to remove fears and phobias and the great thing is, you can sometimes do this in as little as one session. MindCoach International uses these powerful techniques to eliminate fears and phobias and has been treating clients to great effect with issues from fear of flying and panic attacks to low self esteem and post traumatic stress disorder.

So what is NLP? NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the USA in the 1970s. Its purpose was to identify how successful and outstanding people were able to excel in their own fields such as business, therapy, sport, arts, communication etc.

This powerful system is concerned with modelling excellence, noticing what works, finding out what makes it work and then doing it yourself. NLP doesn’t just copy external behaviour, it also looks at what’s underneath - values, beliefs, attitudes and triggers. It looks at what enables people to achieve outstanding results.

If you find you are constantly under-achieving it may be that you are repeating a pattern that is causing you to get this result. NLP can help you to identify whether this is happening and change the pattern so that you can succeed in your desired outcome.

Though NLP techniques are generic and can be used in any area of one’s life. NLP is about effective internal and external communication as well as influencing change in states. That is exactly what successful people do in all walks of life; communicate well and influence the state of others.

The great thing about NLP is that it is has the capacity to work quite quickly, allowing you to immediately get on with your life in a more resourceful way. If you want to move forward and need help with the next step, or you just would like to become more effective and outstanding at what you do, then MindCoach International is for you Get In Touch.

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