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Sales Training One

Format: Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295.00

The purpose and benefits of this course

MindCoach Sales Training One is designed to deliver skills that will enable you to become confident, effective and successful at sales. We will help you to overcome fears, motivate yourself and your client and show you how to achieve a successful mindset at all times.

The course will provide a structured approach to developing a tool-kit for every situation. It will cover tips and techniques on: forming positive associations with your product/service; identifying prospects; getting past the gatekeepers; making appointments; identifying client’s needs & understanding their buying strategies; relationship-building; handling objections and reaching a positive agreement; converting prospects; closing the sale and setting up repeat business.

The skills you will take away with you go much further than selling. These potent life skills can transform your day-to-day communication with others and bring success into all areas of your life.

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone in sales – from the complete novice to the experienced sales person that is stuck in a rut or not fulfilling their potential. Because MindCoach Sales Training offers a fresh and unique approach, everyone can learn something new that will effect change.

You will learn…

To overcome the FEAR factor:

  • Fear of making appointments.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of being successful.


  • Understand how negative beliefs around selling can destroy your chances before you’re out of the starting blocks!
  • Identify your negative beliefs about selling and overcome them.
  • Model the core beliefs and values of highly successful sales people.
  • Understand how customers’ beliefs affect their buying decisions.
  • Learn techniques that support the ethos of success breeding success.
  • Develop the ability to manage how you feel and behave at any time (your state) – learn how to be relaxed and in control whenever you want.


  • Motivate yourself to take consistent action towards your sales goals.
  • Learn a way of making seemingly insurmountable targets/goals achievable.
  • Motivate your client to buy from you and to continue to recommend you for repeat business.

You will also learn…..

The ‘Six Magic Secrets of Sales Success’

What, when and how to apply them for maximum success: Asking Powerful Questions & Active Listening; The Power of Silence; Features & Benefits; Closing The Sale; Spotting Buying Signals; Overcoming Rejection.

How to build great rapport with your client

If your client feels ‘in rapport’ then they will trust you and be at ease, which in turn aids the decision-making process. To help build great rapport, you will learn:

  • The importance of body language.
  • How to be more aware and spot buying signals.
  • About different personality types – how to identify them and use this knowledge to inspire and build trust.

The importance of positive language

Understand the significance of using positive language to influence your clients’ decisions. Identify key techniques and phrases to support this.

Structure of the Course

  • The emphasis is on pro-active & interactive instruction & practical exercises.
  • Talk/lecture is kept to a minimum.
  • Each technique/exercise will be demonstrated in full. Practical exercise will follow where participants work together in small groups.
  • Delegates will receive a ‘work pack’ on the day.

MindCoach Sales Training

We Give You The Skills To Succeed