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Sales Training Two

Format: Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295.00

The purpose and benefits of this course

MindCoach Sales Training Two is designed to follow on from Sales Training One. It takes sales training to another level but uses the same unique mix of hands-on experience blended with NLP. The course is more advanced and more interactive than Sales Training One and covers powerful techniques such as rapport-building, goal-setting and ‘stepping into your client’s shoes’ in more depth. The hands-on, intensive nature of MindCoach Sales Training Two combined with ‘on the job’ practice promises to embed successful techniques so that they become second-nature in everyday sales situations.

Who is it for?

Anyone that has attended Sales Training One and would like to develop further as well as experienced sales personnel that are stuck in a rut or not fulfilling their potential. Because MindCoach Sales Training offers a fresh and unique approach, everyone can learn something new that will result in more conversions, more sales and more success.

You will learn…

  • How to quickly build trust and a powerful connection with your client.
  • How to adopt the belief strategies of highly successful sales people to replicate their success.
  • How to step into your client’s shoes, and understand their needs and desires; this builds rapport and lends a powerful edge to your communication.
  • A powerful goal-setting process that will make your goals and desired outcomes compelling and achievable, inspiring you to move forward and take action.
  • How to identify your own sales success strategy and repeat it to get consistent results.
  • The 5 steps to a successful sale:

1) Establish great rapport with your client

2) Ask the right questions

3) Find the ‘need’ – convert it to a ‘want’

4) Link the need or value to your product or service

5) How to close the sale.

Structure of the Course

  • The emphasis is on pro-active & interactive instruction & practical exercises.
  • Talk/lecture is kept to a minimum.
  • Each technique/exercise will be demonstrated in full. Practical exercise will follow where participants work together in small groups.
  • Delegates will receive a work pack on the day.

MindCoach Sales Training

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